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The Shadows and Light  solar product line is comprised of tabletop votives and hanging lanterns, perfect for patio tables, pathways and other garden spots.

  • They create a stunning kaleidoscope of shadows, evoking a relaxing mood for outdoor entertaining and pleasure
  • Maintenance-free solar operation, using a reliable solar charged battery and efficient LED lamp
  • Much safer and more economical than fire pots
  • Perfect gift for anyone in the family
  • Made of powder coated steel for rust resistance

There are four styles:  the Starburstthe Windsorthe Medusa, and the Graycliff.  Each style is available as a tabletop votive and as a hanging lantern.

The lanterns are 11.5″H x 5.5″W x 5.5″D and are suitable for either hanging or placement on a tabletop, deck railing, or the ground.

The tabletop votives are smaller, 9.3″H x 4″W x 4″D, and designed for placement on a flat surface such as a patio table to create a cascade of shadows, creating a calm, relaxing mood.  Similar to a fire pot, they involve no flame or combustible making them much safer.

Both the lanterns and tabletop votives  are sure conversation pieces for that outdoor entertaining event!

Choose from the lanterns or tabletop votives, each available in four different styles!  Click on the images below to view the individual items.

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