Are there any new products in the works?

April 1, 2012

Again, due to our strong relationships with our factories, we are attuned to new technologies being developed and are working toward new products which will bring the highest value to our customers. For example, one of our factory partners has developed proprietary technology to produce heat treated wood (similar to pressure treated wood, except no chemicals are used) which can provide wood products that will withstand the elements 4-5 times as long as the stained wood which is used in all lawn and garden products. Additionally, this factory has developed proprietary technology for the production of strand-woven bamboo, a process in which the very strong fibers of bamboo (a grass–not a wood) are extracted, mixed with a resin for bonding and heat treated to create a material which is not only impervious to the elements but also beautiful in appearance. Its performance is comparable to the synthetic chemically produced decking material used in the US. But the appearance is that of wood and the use of bamboo (perhaps the most replenishable plant on the planet) gives a whole new meaning to environmental responsibility and conservation.

We expect to introduce several new products using this technology in 2013. And we will be the exclusive suppliers of these lawn and garden products in the US.

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