How are your products different from run of the mill cheap Chinese imports?

April 26, 2012

First, we have years of experience in the lawn and garden consumer products industry and have seen virtually all manufacturing move offshore. During that time, we have developed lasting relationships with only the best and most capable factories. This resulted after a long process of trial and error in sourcing products.

Unlike much of our competition, we do not simply scour the factory showrooms throughout the world to find the cheapest products in order to deliver the lowest price to our customers. Remember, making a product $1 cheaper often makes it $5 uglier. Instead, we design new and innovative products with the highest quality standards and then work with our factories to lower their costs (without sacrificing in quality or the characteristics which make our products unique) in order to meet very competitive retail price points. We are not simply traders—our innovations and product designs are the value we provide at the lowest possible price.

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